Specialist of toothbrush
Your oral
care professional
We continue to provide creative,
healthy, and beautiful products
Your oral care specialist
Your oral
care professional
Oral care accessories &
Advanced beauty product
 Years of OEM  ODM experience
Eco-friendly & Bio-based &
Green & Environmental protection
Personal and oral cleaning
Provide high quality and cost performance
Safe and harmless personal cleaning products
Continuous innovation, just to meet your life needs

Providing perfect product and
service quality is our pursuit goal

We take customer satisfaction as our priority, use the most rigorous control, uphold continuous product research and development, and rely on patent innovation and excellent quality as the backing of products.

Recognized by the oral care industry
We have developed many excellent products for our customers, and have been recognized by famous brands and the oral care industry after several years of product development.
Established professional teams in Europe
Based on years of sales and marketing,we have set up professional sales teams in Europe for the marketing purpose,in order to meet customers more effectively and conveniently.
Provide the best service to any customer
We collaborate with professional laboratories and design teams in Europe to design and test product . We have a European team providing professional after-sales service. We are able to provide customers with professional and integrated services.

Manual Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

Oral Accessories

Teeth Whitening

Bio Based Line


We carry full range of Oral Care Product, including Toothbrushes, Dental Floss, Floss Pick, Interdental Brush, Electric Toothbrush, Teeth Whitening Strips, Orthodontic kit, Mouth Wash and various Dental Accessories.
Scientific quality management
Our team members will continue to innovate and continuously improve in their respective fields,and promise to
serve customers with the principle of " high quality/reasonable cost/delivery time ".
Core competitiveness
We mainly provide design and manufacturing services such as appearance design,visual design, packaging design, internal structural design, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold processing, hand board manufacturing, and injection molding processing.
Production Capacity
Professional standardized production base
We are committed to building oral care and the commodity base on the basis of standardized management and strive to improve the core competition of the products.
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