Product Trade Marketing Network
All over the world
Product Trade Marketing Network
After years of development, we have maintained good long-term trade relations with clients from the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other countries and regions. Our products have also entered many famous foreign markets.
Perfect Test Equipment
We have a comprehensive testing equipment, including a variety of high-precision instruments and tools, to the products of comprehensive and accurate testing and analysis. These devices not only improve our test efficiency and quality, but also provide a reliable guarantee for the quality of our products, so that customers more assured of our products and satisfaction.
Have a Leading Laboratory
We work closely with professional laboratory in Europe.The laboratory not only has a high level of scientific research capacity, but also to provide customers with professional technical support and services to help customers solve various technical problems.
Design Team
We have a well-known design team in China and collaborate with European design teams.Our company mainly provides design and manufacturing services such as appearance design, visual design, packaging design, internal structural design, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold processing, hand board manufacturing, and injection molding processing.